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tv   11 News Today  NBC  April 2, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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economists are predicting a breakthrough jobs report of the labor department today. that story is coming up. >> back to the drawing board for anne arundel county estate try to answer the question as to whether or not to allow slots in their backyard. >> this is the weekend we have been waiting for. the forecast as a 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> a long winter. some people like the snow. those that have snow piling business had a good year.
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the typical high this time of year, 58 degrees. a typical low 48. no complaints. we're not approaching either of those records today. we want to see if there are some positives in traffic this morning. >> there are positives except for one problem just coming in liberty road in sykesville. all lanes are closed due to an accident. this is the only incident we have. take southbound oakland mills as your alternate. looking good on the other major roads. j.f.x. in great shape.
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11 minutes of the loop northeast side. we are looking at an easy start this morning. we anticipate lighter volume. not bad at the overpass. this is looking very good. all of the area bridges are in great shape at this hour. >> third wave of the swine flu could be on its way. -- >> a third wave of the swine flu could be on its way. >> the 45th swine flu death was reported in maryland. there is a spike in cases. our reporter has the details. >> the center for disease control and prevention says an adult is the latest casualty from this one flu. health officials say even with
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the nice weather, you need to keep your guard up against the swine flu. that means getting your vaccine. one in four merrill lent residents got the vaccine -- maryland residents got the vaccine. if you did not get it, you can now get it. it is stockpiled. it is not too late to vaccinate your child during what could be several more months of swine flu season. >> this virus represents a threat to children five times the normal seasonal flu. is something not to take lightly. >> every county is offering free vaccination clinics next week. you can find one in your area by calling 211. >> thanks.
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>> baltimore county police are white marsh small that occurred last night near buffalo wild wings. the victim is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. the lawyer for lamont davis says the footage will help prove his client's innocence. one juror went to the wrong courthouse and the trial was delayed yesterday. witness testimony, dna evidence and video will prove that davis pulled the trigger. >> and a soldier please guilty to running a prostitution ring. he aitted to conspiring with other people to prostitute other
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women including a 16 year old girl. he was formerly stationed out of a fort meade. he will be sentenced april 28. >> we learn later today what happened in march when it comes to jobs. >> we will learn how well marchthe economist thinks it is the month for gains and not losses. predictions, jobs came in like a lion. some say it is the start of a hiring trend. >> this could be an increase in private industry jobs. this economic recovery. >> thousands were for the senses, temporary workers. broader signs are expected. there is a job line for construction in florida like this one.
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>> the unemployment rate is still very high. it will stay high for a long time frame. >> that keeps president obama on economic stimulus, his health care reform. >> we are working every single day to improve job creation and turn this economy around. >> some have seen a fifth straight week in gains. that is on wall street. markets are closed this week. it is looking like the mostwbal- tv. >> frederick county government will be adding 23 more names to the unemployment rolls.
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79 vacant positions will be eliminated by the county commissioner. it is an effort to balance the budget. it should save $5.7 million. >> in annapolis and the gop is notthey approved the operating budget afterbeat check think every single amendment introduced by -- after rejecting republicans. they warn the dire consequences for every maryland family if more cuts are not made. >> the cumulative $6.6 billion in structural deficits over the next four years. divide that up among a maryland families and that is $3,000 per family. >> the final vote on the governor's budget proposal could come as early as tomorrow. some harford county residents will see a slight break in their
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property taxes. that is good news for them. a 2% decrease. harford county employees will not face any furloughs this year. there is no room for pay increases. >> the decision to bring slots into anne arundel county is going back to the ballot box. some of the signatures on a petition called for a referendum on the slots near anne arundel -- near a window mills mall -- are rundle mills mall. >> they will say if they want these lots or not. >> we are not happy about the delay. it reduces revenue to the state. the longer it takes, the less revenue we are going to have. >> minutes are weighing on this
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clause revenue. county executive order is planning department to stop their work on the project pending a report rolling or the referendum. and they're trying to curb the crime rate in 2009. the total number of homicides and jumped from 10 to 12%. false alarm legislation and installation of resource officers helped improve the statistics. >>the county executive had to go to howard county hospital due to a drop in blood pressure. he had a severe nosebleed. he is alert. he will be held overnight for observation.
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>> summer time is fast approaching and officials want to make sure a resort town stays kit family by rejecting tattoo ads on buses. some say it would counter the family from environment of the city. tattoos are now mainstream and displayed by many family members. some say it helps promote ocean city's economy. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think tattoo ads on ocean city buses would tarnish the town's famiy-friendly environment? >> i did not know they had a tattoo shops in ocean city. >> the bloomberg business report is coming up next. >> and a deadly accident and disney world. details coming up. >> and the cameras roll at an attempt to set fire to a building. >> 46 degrees in other areas.
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temperatures are climbing. we will talk about this when we return. >> pretty normal on the major roadways. we will let you k
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>> good morning. downtown, 52 degrees. clear skies this friday morning. there is a storm 950 miles away. nothing going on except warm temperatures.
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it will take a day and a half for this system to approach. the main part will be in the great lakes. let's look at some of the temperature readings we have outside. downtown 52. sykesville 48. edgewood 49. chestertown 47. downtown readings are a little milder. fair weather warning this morning. and nice morning this morning. there is cold air behind this storm. high pressure has been giving
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us great weather for a while. normally we are 64 this time of year. but we have been beyond that. low pressure in the great lakes and on to canada. when the front comes through, it will be a long way from that energy center. not a bad situation for a weekend holiday. we have mild temperatures that are unseasonable. near the bay, it may not be as warm. temperatures may be an 70's for the high temperature today. sunset will be 7:31.
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sunshine in southern maryland. 65 in ocean city. get away from the bay and temperatures climb. 80 in the mountains to the west. there is some noise in the computer model. this is not really rain. it should be dry setup -- sunday morning. here is the forecast. cooler air is coming in. some rain tuesday and wednesday. >> let's check traffic. one problem in sykesville, a spell liberty road. it is shut down. they are making some progress.
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no major delays. 53 getting sluggish. not bad on the j.f.x. space sensors of looking very good at this hour. the beltway, no problems to report. problem free over here. over to you. >> thanks. a life sentence for a man convicted of killing a kansas doctor for abortion. he said the reason was because the doctor was killing unborn children. even with time off for good behavior, he will not be
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eligible for parole for more than 50 years. >> walt disney world says it is helping the family of a young property. the nine year-old boy was riding his bike near the resort when he was struck by the bus. passengers on the bus were not injured. months. >> police in texas are searching for arsonists caught on tape. they pull up to a supply company, and they ignite the building. three firefighters were seriously injured. how would you like to pay 1 cent for a red roof over your head? red roof inn is having a daily
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drawling for something just like that. the average rate is $65 for a hotel room. sun sipchips as a bag that now will decompose after a certain amount of days in certain conditions. >> markets are closed for the the weekend. breather this could friday. we will take a look at the apple ipad. the device goes on sale tomorrow. web pages, e-mail, the sick, and ebooks. it may spotlight at&t, which is facing criticism for jamming in its networks like in places of new york.
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it may add more strain than the company can handle. among some of the top of businesses yesterday, expenses overhaul. verizon having additional costs. it is following at&t, deere, and caterpillar. other companies show the same cost. certain plan. u.s. taxpayers were hit. massachusetts, rhode island, and virginia have until may 11 to file returns and make 2009 ira contributions. positive economic data as well as manufacturing encouraging investors to buy stocks ahead of the holiday weekend. that is business at the new york stock exchange. that was the bloomberg report.
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>> the orioles are still fine- tuning their lineup. julio lugo has returned to the bench. he will provide experience back up for the starting shortstop. >> another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> and the latest revelation of hand-held technology. many are anxiously awaiting the release of the new apple i've pad. >> and do not forget to enter the water cooler question of the day. do you think tattoo ads on ocean city buses would tarnish the town's famiy-friendly environment? email your responses to >> take a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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from every john deere that's come before it. and it's available with 133 easy-to-install attachments, including the most popular one of all. ♪
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>> could morning. we are checking on the morning commute. good friday. lighter volume held there. liberty road blocked at route 32. eastbound on sykesville at liberty road, all lanes are closed.
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building in volume on reisterstown road. major roads coming up toward the beltway looking good. how to live traffic going away from us, no delays forming yet. problem free on the north side. over to you. >> we are looking fine. current temperatures in the upper 40's and 50's. 60's by mid morning. we jump ahead to easter sunday. looks like a good day. maybe a few clouds first thing in the morning. temperatures are expected to be in the 7's. details on the whole thing
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coming up in just a few minutes. >> we will see you in a bit. they were big with the ipod and iphone. not so big with some others. >> which one will it be when they introduce their new creation tomorrow? we have a preview of how the new device works. >> a truly magical and revolutionary product. >> steve jobs gave a look at the ipad in january. >> it is a big changer already. >> it packages familiar functions into a data that has options. $500 gives you a basic model. $800 for the high-end version. >> people who already have a smart fun -- smart phone in
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small but say i need this as well. >> this is a direct competitor to the amazon kindle. >> it is cooler, sexier, and in color. >> people will pay for applications on the iphone. >> the gaming industry is the rain in on the potential of the ipad. >> it will be a killer game device. almost 6 million i pantpads respected to be sold this year. >> nbc news. >> it will be interesting to see how that takes off. it is a lot of money. >> i will wait until it's down to $99.95.
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[laughter] >> health officials are warning people to get vaccinated against the swine flu virus. i have the latest on its latest resurgence. >> in washington, president obama hits the road again to talk jobs as new employment numbers come out. that story coming up in our project the coming report. >> a storm is to the west. the forecast for the easter weekend is of next.
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. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining as. we have a quick look at the forecast on this could friday. >> the key word is warm temperatures. we work around 70 degrees today. we will do it again today and tomorrow. >> thanks. >> stake in health officials areour reporter joins us with
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more. >> this debt is the 45th the death of a swine flu in maryland. health officials say there could be a third wave of the disease on the way. there is still time to get>> i just think it is strange. talking about this. >> even though the weather is warm, it is too soon to drop virus. the deputy secretary for health and mental hygiene says the virus is still a serious concern in our state. related death. >> it is not clear if this could be a return for a third wave. it is not easy to predict this virus. we want to stay on top of it. maryland got vaccinated. are still protected.
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if you did not, those miles are now stockpiled threatening to now stockpiled threatening to go to waste. it is not too late to vaccinate your child and would could be season. >> this virus represents a threat to children five times what the normal seasonal flu is. do not take it lightly. >> good hygiene practices will go a long way toward protecting you and your child from the disease. >> wash the hands. >> every county in the state is holding free vaccination clinics next week. to find one near you dial 211. wbal tv 11 news. >> a former works employee will be sentenced for the theft of more than 100,000 gallons of fuel.
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he has been ordered to pay $187,000 in restitution. he said he would fill a city portis say these suspects assume the identity of a couple. amid big purchases took $3,000 out of a couple's bank account. if you know who they may become a call carroll county police. here is the number. >> new job figures come out this morning from the government, expected to highlight as he travels to north carolina today. preview. >> today's report contains figures for march. the white house hopes the jobless rate continues its downward slide. the stock market into imports a level of 11,000, it looks good
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for wall street but not yet main street. >> we are in a cover right now. many people do not think that is the case until unemployment goes down quickly. that is a way off. >> it could start this summer. but it may be a couple of years before unemployment comes down. the president pitches in health-care 04 -- over all as a jobs later. >> we are working every single day to spur job creation and turn this economy around. that is why we worked so hard to that one of the biggest burdens facing middle-class families which is the crushing cost of health care right here in america. [applause] >> it is a theme he is likely to echo again today in north carolina. some critics say there are concerns that it could have a negative economic impact. >> some companies have had to
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take his financially because of. i think it will play out in the>> the white house has to counter its critics and push forwbal-tv. >> one of the top education officials paid a visit to the morgan state university to a plot and inspire. it was the annual honors convocation. he urged others to strive for greatness and applauded those that were honor students. they want to increase the graduation rates at america's historically black colleges and institutions. >> i want to talk to the honor students. >> it makes me sad that a lot of people get the opportunity to come here, but they do not take advantage of it and end of
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graduating. that is a really low number. >> a recent data shows 44% of students credit rating from the university of maryland, eastern shore. some is due to a lack of financial aid that would allow kids to stay in school. they want to have 9 billion greta's by the year 2020. >> -- graduates by the year 2020. >> one accident in sykesville and a crash on the westbound ramp to aviation boulevard. that is important to know if you're heading to the airport. we are seeing delays southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. j.f.x. is in great shape. 11 that traffic.
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north and south of looking good. no delays on the north side over here. let's check the forecast. >> 23 minutes before 7:00. high pressure is still over us. the storm on the left side of the strip -- screen will move to the east side of the country on saturday. most of the rain will be out of it as far as we are concerned. more of this good weather will continue. details coming up in a few minutes. >> it is going to be a rabbit
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race not a wet place on this day. that is coming up. >> we are still looking at the water cooler question of the day. do you think tatt
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>> many people make a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket. someone to jump out of a plane. this person was diagnosed with leukemia. she said what she wanted to do before she died was robbing a
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couple of banks. she says a bank robbery is one of those things she had to do before she died. >> [unintelligible] rabbit racing in the czec republic. the course looks like a steeplechase. most of the racers did not look like thoroughbreds. they seemed to be well fed and happy. there were pretty big. and this teacup paig is the mascot for this senior citizen'' home. a put a smile on the face of the people.
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these are very clean. this one is a trained to use a litter box. >> he is putting trained. that is good. coming up, a look at the morning headlines. >> our third accident of the morning. we will update you on that in a moment. >> temperatures above normal for this time of year. it forecast in just a few minutes. stick around.
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>> de two in the case -- day two
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in the trial of a case of a teenager shooting in federal girl. he allegedly opened fire on pulaski street. defense attorneys say davis was at home during the time of the shooting and had a ankle brace to prove it. investigating a stabbing it last night near buffalo wild three people were arrested. but an owner of a local shops as tattoos are now mainstream and displayed by many family members.
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some say it helps promote ocean city's economy. >> watercooler question of the day. >>do you think tattoo ads on ocean city buses would tarnish the town's famiy-friendly environment? >> one person writes, said last time i checked, it's a family had one responsible adult. >> another person said those assets would tarnish our society. >> another person says, i do not think it is punishing our society. i think the ads should be allowed. we'll post more of your answers on the front page of our web site. >> we are checking on you morning commute. there are problems but to watch out for. and i've sent off to the side.
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another accident location coming in to us. the spell liberty road completely blocked at route 32. watch for delays developing eastbound on the liberty road. not that of the north side. the west side is equally smooth. a quick live look outside. harford county this is going away from us. looking pretty good. bay bridge, traffic is smith. -- is smith. -- email your responses to -- a bridge traffic is smooth.
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>> the what is part of the storm will be concentrated in the great lakes and on to canada. as it approaches of, the weaker part of the storm will come our way. take a look at what is going on outside beit el. 46 at the airport. 47 and randallstown. high pressure over us. the storm to the left. i've pressure pushing a way from us. because of what is going on in the atlantic, the storm will be near the great lakes. only a small piece and a dry
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peas will come through over the weekend. mostly sunny skies. winds southeasterly 5-10. along the bay, you may not get this warm. bayside locations will be in the low 70's or upper 60's for their high today. the sense that is that 7:31. did not be put off by what you're seeing here by the ocean. this does not look like it will be rain. here is the cold front that will be coming in. late saturday and early sunday
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morning. it comes through dry. there may be clouds in the morning. here is how the seven-day forecast is shaping up. no rain for monday. tuesday and wednesday, rain chances. we will concentrate on easter sunday. this is a first guest, a planner. clouds of but lunchtime for the egg hunt. we will be dry in the day with temperatures dropping. we are looking forward to a good easter. it's time for a last look of our big story.
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>> a third wave of the swine flu reported in maryland. our reporter has the details. >> the center for disease control and prevention says an adult is the latest casualty from this one flu. health officials say even with the nice weather, you need to swine flu. that means getting your vaccine. one in four merrill lent residents got the vaccine -- maryland residents got the vaccine. if you did not get it, you can now get it. it is stockpiled. it is not too late to vaccinate your child during what could be several more months of swine flu season. every county in the state is holding free vaccination clinics next week. t find out the one near you dial 211. >> coming up on a boat for, she will be interviewing janet jackson -- "oprah" she will be
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interviewing janet jackson and tyler. talking about his new movie. >> on "today" new airline security measures. we will have the details on the plant. the latest on the search for a 12 year-old colorado girl who vanished without a trace five days ago on her way to a birthday party. and we will talk with a woman who risked getting her own mother in trouble by exposing a multimillion-dollar ponzi scheme. >> 49 degrees on tv of. >> we will take another look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start yo.
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>> busier than expected. we have several accidents to watch for. another one in howard county. harper's farm and an accent and the columbia region. reports on the ramp to the audubon the west side. watch for delays. -- outer loop on the west side. what for delays. we will see delays on the west side because of this accident. let's check live cameras. this is just beyond the action
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scenes. watch for delays the building at the crash there. >> we have had very good weather the past couple of days. it looks like it will continue. plenty of sunshine. kicking up clouds tomorrow as the storm approaches. mr. sunday looks mostly sunny as well. real rain chances are next week, tuesday and wednesday. >> thanks. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> be sure to
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>> the arrival of warmer temperatures have a seemingly put an end to a record winter. the arrival of spring, orioles are days away from putting an end to a record losing streak. this year's team brings something that we have not seen in over a decade, a vision, a reasonable expectation of improvement, and help. one person has helped bring some of the young talent of baseball. they have a young pitching staff. they have shown a promising future during spring training. a recovering brian roberts that
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will make this team worth keeping an eye on. the past few years have shown them pay a price. from tampa bay to colorado, they have challenged the elite in given their fans a season to remember. perhaps this one will give us a season that will let us forget the last few. the last few.
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